Starting on July 12, the new round of applications for the

‘Home Savings’ program begins in 2019.

The new “Home Savings” program 2019 has a budget of 270 million and covers 25,000 households.

What is the
“Saving at home” ?

It is a subsidized program from the ESPA, which grants you a subsidy up to 70% of the total cost to be spent on the energy upgrade of your home. This saves money and energy and increases the value of your property

The maximum subsidy rate is 50% up to 70% of the eligible energy improvement budget for housing, increased by 5% for each protected member.

The new program provides, in addition to direct household subsidies, an interest-free loan subsidy for households wishing to proceed with building work.

Eligible costs relate to:

  • Replacement of window frames
  • Installation or upgrade of thermal insulation
  • Refurbishment of heating or cooling system
  • Hot water system using Renewable Energy Sources.


A prerequisite for joining the program is the choice of an energy inspector – from the register to be set up – which will determine the required building work.

The energy inspector should record the proposed interventions by issuing the 1st Energy Efficiency Certificate.

What costs are covered

Beneficiaries after the interventions have to reapply to an energy inspector to conduct a second energy audit of their property and to issue a new Energy Efficiency Certificate.

After the achievement of the energy goal, on the basis of the 2nd EEC, the incentives of the program are paid.

Expenditure on the cost of the two energy inspections, the cost of the project consultant as well as any study costs are covered by the Program subject to the submission of the application and the achievement of the program’s minimum energy target.

Participation in the project concerns main dwellings (single-family houses, apartment blocks and individual apartments) but not buildings that are not used for housing (eg shop).

The residence must also be legally owned, classified under the Energy Efficiency Certificate in a category equal to or less than “D” and not considered to be demolished.


Subsidized Interventions

Four (4) Categories