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Photorealistic imagery enables you to fully understand the image of a space or building before construction. It makes it easy for you to choose your design and design at your site, as well as the choice of materials and furnishings according to your preferences and needs.

The Arvanitis Construction Company “KATOIKIA”

based in Volos provides three-dimensional modeling of exterior and interior, photorealistic depictions, virtual space tours and lighting studies with photographic detail of materials.

fororealistika sto volo-pilio

With the use of specialized technological equipment and the know-how of our designers, it provides you with a complete picture of your project in a short period of time preventing any manufacturing imperfections.

The company additionally provides the design of industrial objects perfectly suited to your needs and desires. A personalized solution to your needs with the aesthetics that suits you and the undoubted quality of construction that suits you.

Latest Projects of
Architectural Photorealism


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