What is energy upgrading?

With the energy upgrade of a building, we mean the actions and actions we take to shield a building against its losses and make it as far as possible less energy-intensive.

We therefore minimize the annual cost of the building for heating and cooling. We save money while protecting the environment by turning our home into a “green building”. The creation of the new indoor climate improves our quality of life and the higher energy class raises the value of our property soaring.

Fields of interventions



The most effective way to reduce energy consumption is to emphasize the exterior insulation of the building.
Incomplete thermal insulation and waterproofing of the shell and the roof result in the loss of heat from inside the building.

It is therefore necessary to concentrate on optimizing the problem by using the appropriate materials and properly applying them to the weak parts of the structure in order to seal it.

In this way we minimize heat loss, eliminate any damage caused by humidity, achieve more effective maintenance of the building with a longer duration, reduce the thermal needs of the building and upgrading the thermal comfort in the interior.

Door Frames


An equally important intervention in the context of the energy upgrading of our building is the replacement of exterior frames with modern, energy efficient frames with certified properties.

Double glazing and heat insulating frame are the ultimate solution for avoiding long temperature fluctuations and achieve an ideal living climate.



The next step in saving energy in our home is to replace existing heating and cooling systems which result in unnecessary and unnecessary energy consumption.

In addition, it is legitimate to install new sophisticated heating, cooling and hot water systems (passive solar systems, underfloor and in-line heating / cooling, geothermal systems etc.) which, based on new specifications, will significantly reduce the required energy levels of the building.

The criteria for a bioclimatic residence are:

  • the orientation of the building
  • natural lighting and ventilation of individual spaces
  • the use of natural materials in the majority of construction
  • the energy self-sufficiency of the home through passive heating and cooling systems.

Some innovative examples of applications in existing and new buildings are

  • the installation of a planted roof (green roofs) – a solution widespread in large urban centers with multiple benefits to owners in the city and across the globe,
  • the installation of photovoltaic systems on roofs and roofs,
  • the correct layout of the interior of the house for optimal exploitation of the spaces according to the orientation of the building and the course of the solar radiation.
  • replacing or adding external coatings with natural materials.

“KATOIKIA” company is next to you and supports you in upgrading your residence by taking over:

  • The study of the energy behavior of the existing building with the existing systems.
  • The design of energy interventions is based on the most advantageous solutions for the maximum benefit of economy and living.
  • The implementation of the results of the energy study in all legitimate areas of intervention.
  • The issue of Energy Performance Certificates