By the Law of Arbitrary Building [N. 4178/13] allows citizens with arbitrary buildings or arbitrary constructions or arbitrary uses to retain their property by paying a single fine – which is clearly lower than what would be imposed by town planning after an autopsy in space; and to secure the suspension of sanctions and fines for 30 years, or even the definitive exemption from the demolition of arbitrary constructions or uses, depending on the category they belong to.


The “KATOIKIA” company undertakes the arrangement of arbitrary constructions in the following stages:

  • Information on the possibility of being subject to the said law,
  • Collection of all required supporting documents in case of membership,
  • On-site control of the arbitrary,
  • Design and topographic printing of the property where required
  • Adjustment of the fine in consultation with the discounter
  • Issuance of the final legality certificate

The information required by the engineer to issue the certificate is:

  • Staff member License
  • Surveyor that accompanies the license
  • Approved plans relating to the transferred property
  • Property titles
  • Legitimate information
  • Owner’s declaration that:

In the property or in the separate independent horizontal or vertical property, not including the communal or communal spaces of the property, no arbitrary constructions have been executed in excess of the structure, coverage and height of the property and no unauthorized uses have been installed

The Certification of Engineer is now mandatory from 21/09/2011 for any legal life in accordance with par. 1a of article 3 of Law 4178/1313 and is considered valid for 2 months from the date of the autopsy.

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